Jul 25, 2010

YAKSIK - Sweet Rice with Nuts and Korean Dates

INGREDIENTSsweet rice (2 cups)
cooked chestnut (2cups)
dried dates (12)
(If you want you can add walnuts and pine nuts .)
[4 water for boiling sweet rice]
brown sugar (7table spoons)
starch syrup (2-3 table spoons)
soy sauce (3 table spoons)
sesame oil (2 table spoons)

cinnamon powder (1/2 table spoon)
ginger powder (1 tea spoon)
salt (pinch)

Yaksik is kind of dessert(It's little bit sweet) and it is also good for breakfast. Actually, this is little bit heavy dessert for me, so I usually eat this instead of breakfast or brunch.

Before starting, you need wash sweet rice and sock it in water for 2~3hours. While sweet rice is sock in water, we will prepare special water(4 boiling sweet rice) and nuts. Just put all of ingredients of [water for boiling sweet rice] in a bowl and whisk it until brown sugar is melt(Unless brown sugar is not melt, you'll get too sweet spot!).

NUT TIME~~. We ganna take dried dates seeds out. It is not hard. Grap it and cut like peeling apples around seed. Unroll your dates without a seed. - OMG. my nail..... it is kinda of "VINTAGE STYLING"-_-; -. Anyway, Lay them making layers for cutting easily. I bought cooked chestnuts. It makes me to cook easily, but if you bought whole chestnuts, you must peel off and steam them. And cut chestnuts as bite-size. Yeah~~ every preparation is PERFECT.

I hope you guys have a ELECTRONIC RICE COOKER. From this section, we use that(I must put electronic rice cooker on ingredients). I suppose you have it..... Well, let's put sweet rice(without water), chestnuts and dates in a rice cooker, and pour our special water. Almost done. PUSH THE START BUTTON~!!!!!!!! AND WAIT~~~~~~

Done? My rice cooker is sooooo kind. She says "your rice is done", whenever she finish her job. When the rice is still warm you mix it. It is for balanced flavor. If every thing is done, put them all any bowl. I put it in a glass lock and lock. Using a cupcake pan is good idea.

Serve Yaksik cutting like brownie. Did you put it in cupcake pan? If you did you don't need cut. Did you leave over some pieces? I did. Don't worry. You save for breakfast and snacks. Wrap tham up and put them in a freezer and whenever you wanna eat, reheat in a microwave.


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