Jul 16, 2010

PERILLA SEED SUJEBI - Korean style pasta soup

[4 Dough]
2 cups all propose flour
3/4 cups water
pinch of salt
1 tea spoon vegetable oil
[4 Soup]
6 cups water(for anchovy stock)
20 dried anchovies
3 or 4 pieces kombu
2cups water(for perilla seed mix)
1cup perilla seed

Are you ready to enjoy this special food? You might be love this.
I usually eat perilla leaf with Korean BBQ or steam rice AND seeds~~with adding some soup(it give to soups nutty taste, l like that, yum-yum).
Sujebi is a kind of noodle(?) or pasta(?) soup. I eat Sujebi as weekend special. This soup is easy to cook(Everybody wants to stay lazy, Don't you think?)

First~! Let's make a dough. Did you check ingredients for dough? Just mix all of them and make shape like a ball. Dough wraping up needs to rest in a refrigerator from 1 hour to 2days.

Well, It's time for anchovy stock. Anchovy stock is reaaaaallllly good with noodle. Before pour water, roast anchovies without any kinds oil for only 1min or less. This process makes that anchovy stock has less fishy. And than 6cups water with 20 dried anchovies and 3 kombu pieces will be boiled for 20min.

While the anchovy stock is boiling, we make perilla seed mix. I used grind seed. You can use whole seed but you have to roast seed like to roast anchovies. than grind seeds + water even if you use grind seed. Let's make it as like milk~~~~.
Add the perilla seed mix to anchovy stock, and (of course) boil it~~ Is that smell really nice?

Time to shape dough. Take a little piece off from a dough(like below) 1.pull a dough 2. just take it off from big one. The size?BITE-size (We will eat sujebi with a spoon (^^)/)
Put them(I am sure that you didn't make ONLY ONE BIG PIECES) all into boiling soup. Is shaping dough flouting on the soup? Yeah~!!!!! Time to eat~!
I usually eat this Sujebi with soy sauce(with green onion, jalapeno, chilli powder and sesame oil). You can enjoy with salt and pepper or soy sauce like me.

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  1. what perilla seed do you use? Mine did not come out to be milky white when i blend it.