Jul 11, 2010

TAMAGOYAKI - Japanese rolled egg

5 large eggs
0.2lb yamaimo
1/3 cup kazobusi broth(Kombu, Kazobusi, 2cup water)
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon mirin(rice cooking wine)
1 pinch salt

Japanese usually say that If you want to know which sushi restrant is good or not, you must eat a tamagoyaki first. That maybe means that it is not easy food to cook well and delicious.
Lat's cook a tamagoyaki easy~ however I guarantee that it is really good(self-praise ^^). First of all, we make Kazobusi broth. Prepare Kombu, Kazobusi(buy indivisual packing) and 2cups water.(I bought Kombu from Whoe Foods. If you there are Asian grocery near by you, that is the better way to buyall of ingredients by one stop.)
I usually put Kazobush in a tea pack. Kazobusi flakes make mass however if you love flakes, it is no matter to use that without a tea pack. All of these and 2cups water is boil for 20 min. with covering the pan and than cool down enough not to cook egg mix(Don't take out Kazobusi and kombu. they will work for thicker broth.CHEER UP!).

Well, let's make the egg mix. Before making it, we grind chamma. You can use your blinder, but I use grater. yamaimo is very sticky. That makes a tamagoyaki to smoother. And this is really good for your health. I and my Chef Duck eat breakfast instead to, at every morning, we drink grind yamaimo with milk for our shinny and healthy life. You will have to try~!

Anyway, mix all of ingredients without bubble. I whisk egg with chopstick or fork. If the egg whites show, tamagoyaki has white parts---->like mine T_T
I don't have a tamagoyaki pan-it has square shape. So I fried egg mix on normal pan(I mean the pan everybody has). Before fring egg mix you must remember these rule. - Don't pour the egg mix one time. Divide into 2 or 3. And roll egg mix when it is cooked half.

Shaping is big problem for me BUT I have little tricky tip ^_^* . Follow me~. We need a baking sheet and a pound cake pan. Put a tamagoyaki on a baking sheet. Then make shape wraping up the rolled egg and~~~ put that in a pound cake pan.

Cut the tamagoyaki after cooling down. "ENJOY YOUR TAMAGOYAKI~!!!!"

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