Aug 1, 2010

GAM JA TANG - Korean Potato Stew

pork spare ribs(3lb)-back rib is better
green onion(2), onion(half), garlic(10), black pepper corn(12)
potato(3), perilla leaves (20), napa cabbage(1,1/2cups), perilla seeds(3TBS), salt(up to you)
[4 marinade]
chilli powder(4TBS), ground garlic(2TBS)
soy sauce(2TBS), mirin(2TBS),
Korean soybean paste(DOENJANG)(2TBS),
sugar(1ts), ground ginger(1/2TBS)

In Korea, I usually eat this with some alcohol^^*. Most of people say this stew is good with SOJU, but I like it with beer. GAM JA means a potato in Korean. This is named "GAM JA" TANG, but pork is larger part than potatos in this. Actually pork back ribs is for the stew, however... I use pork spare ribs at this time(It was ON SALE~~. I had NO choice ^_^).

First of all, we need sock a pork ribs in water for taking out BLOOD~ for 2 hours.(Change water 3 or 4 times and use cool water)

Ready? Put pork ribs in boiling water. BOILING~ BOILING~? Change water. If you want clear stew, please, clean your pot(I did). Can you see how diffrent between two below photos? You need some ingredients for 2nd time.

This ingredients are needed for taking pork smell(?). After two hours we'll take out a onion, garlics, and black pepper corn from a pork stock. Here is a tip. As you can see on 2nd photo, it is a tea bags. You can buy from Asian stores It is very useful for cooking stock. Whenever ingredients are necessary for a stock however you don't want to eat, Just put them in tea bags and pick them up(for small ones). Add all prepared ingredients into a pork stock and boil it for 2~3 hours.

After 2~3 hours, pick pork ribs up from the stock. And then peel and cut potatos. Don't forget socking potatos in water preventing from changing color. Well, we gonna marinate pork ribs and napa cabbage with chilli powder, garlic, soy sauce, ginger, mirin, Doenjang,and sugar. Let marinate for 30min.

Finally, this is the last step~~!! Put seasoned pork, potatos, perilla leaves and seeds in a pork stock. And boil untill potatos are cooked well. Need seasoning with salt to be your taste.
This is enough for 4 people.