Jul 19, 2010


I've been gain weight since this year begin.... (almost 5lb T_T). I gave up checking my weight since last month. OMG OMG~~~~~~~
I have many excuse for eating snacks - Mother nature comes to me, I feel upset, I don't want to eat alone, ...... etc etc. Actually I don't enjoy all kinds of tea but I really like tea flavor snacks( l really like coffee but I don't like coffee flavor snacks and candies).
I often go to a maket near by my house. There are many kinds of ingredients and snacks from worldwide. I love that place(my Chef Duck calls the place to a treasure island). Anyway, I found this treasure - really creamy and full of green tea flavor - Uji macha cookie.
However, It has BIG PRPBLEM~! That is what it contains only 8piceses cookies. Most of asian snacks has small, small amount.

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