Jul 22, 2010

DOENJANG JJIGAE - soybean paste stew (Korean)

3 cups water
6 cubes stew beef
2 table spoons doenjang(Korean soy paste)
1/2 table spoons gochujang(Korean cilly paste)
half Jalapeno
1 green onion
1/2 italian zucchini

3.5oz enoki mushroom
8oz tofu

"Doenjang Jjigae" is popular and traditional Korean home cooking. Maybe it is really strange taste for people who is unfamiliar with Korean foods, but if you get a taste for this, you're addicted to "DOENJANG" <(^!^)>. It is made from soy bean taking long time. Yeah~ this is good for health especially for women.
If you don't want to eat meat, you can use anchovy stock(Ummmmm.... this is also meat...) or vegetable stock. Those are good with Doenjang. Anyway this time I use beef ( My chef Duck like Doenjang Jjigae with beef). Before you pour water, Roast beef. Roasted beef give good smoky flavor. Now~!!!!! pour 3cups water and boil it. While water is boiling you can see some kind of brown bubble. Please scoop up that bubble. That contains impurity.

When water with beef boils hard, put doenjang and gochujang. My mother-in-law brought special home made Doenjang from Korea. It is really nice. However getting home-made Doenjang in USA is not easy. This stew is effected by which Doenjang is used. So it is really important choosing good Doenjang(I'll post about this, soon).
Let's prepare vegetable. Just cut bite-size. I'm little bit ashamed of talking about this. ^^*
Oh. this picture has not tofu. You also need to cut tofu.
While you prepare vegetable and tofu, soup based doenjang is ready to take them^^. Put enoki mushroom at the end.
Cook this on low 30~40min. covering. You are careful not to boil over.

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